Twisted Front Fork

Repairing a twisted front fork.

In december I crashed my bike on the left side. That happened because my front wheel slided away at some frozen tarmac which was right after a traffice bump that I had to use.

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With this crash my complete left side panel was damaged (left blinker had disappeared inside my panel), as well as bend my steerer tube, and some other broken pieces.

After replacing all of the damaged parts and taking a testdrive, I came to the conclusion that my front fork also was twisted a little bit.

To fix this problem you first have to lift the front wheel off the ground (using a jack or servicestand).
Then remove all the tupperware at the front.
When this is done loosen the front axle, loosen the clamping bolts and slacken the headset screw (first remove the BMW-dustcap).

If the twist is not to bad, the fork should straighten itself (check this!). When it is aligned correctly fasten all the clamping bolts and front-axle using the right amound of force (see manual).
Put all the tupperware back and then your bike should steer as before, without the feeling that one side is higher than the other (in my case, the right-hand-side was higher in the air then the left-hand-side.

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