Tupperware Removal

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No worries, the tupperware actually comes off fairly easy on the scarver!
You will need however an assortment of various tools like Torx Star sockets and your basic set of tools.

Park the bike and get ready:

Each panel is held onto the bike with 7 screws/bolts that will have to be removed in order to take them off. 2 Bolts are from the handle grab bars near the stuff bay, the rest of the 5 screws all over: one in the turn signal, one near the radiator plastic air diverter, one hidden by the seat and one in the plastic square below the stuff bar and the last one on the black section of the stuff bay. They are different sized torx screws so you will need a set of them.

Take off your seat! (use key to unlock it in the back above the tailight)

Pop out the side covers if you want or leave them in, however make sure that you dont loose the small rubber grommet if you do.


They pop towards the front of the bike and are "hinged" downward

Get your torx set out and remove the square (notice that I had already removed the grab bars)

Remove the two bolts from the grab bar

Just a small picture showing the small square


my L grab bar scratched the paint up pretty good =(

Bike should look like this now. The panel is held onto the bike with 4 screws in this picture. One is at the turnsignal, one at the radiator, one towards the rear on the bottom (same height with the battery) and the last one that will hold everything up on the top.


The radiator screw

The top screw that will hold the panel onto the bike after you remove the 3 lower placed screws.

close up of it. After you remove this screw be sure to HOLD the panel up, as you still have to disconnect the turnsignal connector

The turn signal connector with the blue/brown cable

The connector will have to be squeezed in order to be removed. This picture shows the connector how it will be on the bike

This picture shows how it will spread and open up so you can take the panel of the bike. The turnsignal wont come off the panel unless you disassemble the connector.

the black screw is from the turn signal but should normally not come off unless you are missing a backing nut for the signal like I do.

My radiator spoiler lost something during the install

There it is! Make sure you have a clean workspace so you will see things easier as they drop,fall or break off!

bike will look like this if you did the procedure mentioned here on one side for the other one.

The various items taken off

another look at the bike

further away

The R side is where you will find most of the electrical relays

everything goes back together in the same order as removed

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