Tail Light Replacement

Didn't even know this could happen. Stopped at a stop light, a Harly rider rode up beside me to let me know my tail light was out. Thanks, I said, and I was on my way. When I got home, I put the bike in neutral and got off…. tail light was working fine. I decided to take the seat off and have a gander. As soon as I touched one of the wires for the tail light it went out. After further inspection, I found that the wire clips were _very_ loose. More research showed that I could replace those clips … I had to replace the entire tail light housing. I enquired at the loca dealer how much the replacement would be and almost choked on the complimentary cookie (225$ + labour).
I went home and orderd one from A&S cycle (48$ + shipping/duty/etc). I tried to make the connections as tight as possible in the meantime.

This change is difficult enough without the luggage racks in place.


So, you have to remove the top rack. In my case, I had to practically remove the Krauser mounts. Once I had everything loosened off, I was able to remove the top rack and then the rear plastics. They need to come off so that you can access a screw.


With the plastics now off, I could access everything I needed to get the tail light out. What I noticed when I remove the old assembly was that there was a kind of retaining hole that stabilized the unit. There was no such thing on the new unit. It was going to be held on by 2 screws and _only_ 2 screws.


With the new assembly in place, I reversed the dissassembly process to get the bike working again.

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