Snorkel Mod

Having read all the stuff around the web on cutting the snorkel I decided to have a go. Unlike most people who have done this I was radical, I did not simply cut my snorkel to make it wider near the open end or drill holes in it. Instead I cut it off completely so that only enough of the snorkel frame was left to hold the air filter into the side of the airbox. Since the snorkel was now effectively removed, I thought that this would make the mixture very lean but when tested it proved to have enriched it. I think this is because the intake manifold is now much shorter and so is tuned differently. My mileage went from 260KM from full tank to reserve to 240KM from full tank to reserve. This also helped with a surging problem at low revs and made the bike more tractable below 3000rpm in fact she now pulls cleanly from 2500rpm in all gears and pulls cleanly from 2000rpm in first, second and third. She never did that before even though I have a techlusion fuel management system fitted. In fact I was even able to lean out the fuel mixture using the techlusion as a result of cutting the snorkel.

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