Rattling Low Beam Headlight

I apologize for not including photos.
If your low beam housing which is inside the headlight assembly rattles while riding it can create a lot of nerve racking noise. The fix is simple as long as the three mounting screws haven't been lost. In my case they worked themselves out, because of vibration. The low beam bulb housing is held to the adjusting plate by those three screws. Follow the directions for removing the headlight assembly. Then, with the rubber weather boot removed from the low beam side, look down past the reflector and you will see a flange with four holes. This part sits on the adjusting plate that is made of black plastic. Only three of the holes in the reflector flange line up with holes on the adjusting plate; the top left, top right, and lower right - as viewed from the back. The lower left hole is blank. Unless they have been removed previously, the three screws will still be in the headlight assembly. If you shake it you will hear them rattling about. Once I got them where I could see them through the holes in the back of the headlight assembly, they fell out when the headlight assembly was inverted. Using a magnetized, slender Phillip's screwdriver, I maneuvered each screw into a hole and turned it down tight; be careful not to over tighten them. If you only get two screws, as I did at first, look around the clear lens in the front. I found the third screw wedged between the low beam, magnifier lens holder and the clear lens. I removed the large single screw on the bottom of the headlight assembly, allowing the adjusting plate to move enough to release the third screw. To simplify installing the top right screw, I removed the right, rubber headlight assembly vent. It will pull out with a little difficulty. Once the three screw are secure, you can re-install the headlight assembly on the motorcycle. Don't forget to re-install the large Phillip's screw that holds the adjusting plate secure in the headlight assembly.

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