P3 Led Lights

by Tom McCallum

P3 Lights get 2nd place after the Brake! LED Light in my eyes! (BSK)

The P3Lights are 2 strips of 12 LED lights that attach to both sides of your license plate. The lights are easily programmable to do several different things.

In taillight mode you can have the lights on solid, or in a eye catching flicker mode. The lights seem to very quickly flicker which is very attention grabbing. Perfect for bringing brain dead cagers out of their comatose stupper.

The brakelight has three different selectable modes. You can have the brake light flash 4 times before going to solid brakelight. Or you can choose to have it flash 4 times rapidly, then 4 more times slowly before it goes to solid brakelight. And you can also choose for the brakelight to flicker after the flashing sequence.

You can also program the lights to be used as emergency flashers. All programming is done by first turning the key on and then within 5 seconds flashing the brake light a certain number of times. The kit comes with a business card that has all the programming modes printed on the back of it. Put the card in your wallet and you will always have the codes with you. So you don't have to remember anything. Which is important to me who forgets everything. Rolling Eyes

If my explanations don't make sense (wouldn't be the first time) go to P3Lights.com for the full directions.

I know that my bike is filthy in the pictures but get over it. Its friggin winter here and the weather sucks. First I ordered the kit and then impatiently waited for it to arrive. When it did this is what I got.

These LED's are much brighter than my pictures show. After taking the pictures I realized I had the light in flicker mode which was giving my camera fits.


Then it was time to get busy with my bad self. Installation was simple. All the electrical connectors that came with the kit are top quality. I started by taking the license plate off and attaching the brackets. While I had it off I drilled a small hole in the fender behind the license plate. This was so I could run the wiring thru the fender. Then I simply used the same clips that hold the license plate lights wires to run the wires from the P3Lights. It took me about an hour of futzing around to get everything mounted attached and routed. I would consider this a fairly simple install. So whats it look like on the bike you ask.


Can you find the control unit in this picture ??


Here is a pointer to it.


The red connecors are connecting the control unit to the taillight, brakelight, and ground wire.


So how does the lights actually look after they are installed and turned on. Here they are next to the taillight of my K1100LT. The taillight of my CS has a Gizmomill LED so it is almost twice as bright as the stock taillight was.



Brakelights. I used a bungee around the brake levers.


I do have to say that the pictures don't show the actual brightness of these lights. After having my wife stand about 30 feet down the driveway I showed her the lights. After she came back into the house I heard her muttering to herself. I asked her what she was saying. She was pissed because her vision had red spots in it from looking at the lights. She also said they were so bright that I should also put a set on my K1100LT. Always one to obey my wife, I immediately ordered another set

Youtube video showing the P3Lights and the PhotonBlaster installed on the rear

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