Melted Neutral Safety Switch

The neutral safety switch has failed on a lot of bikes due to the circlip clip going missing.

So this morning i was riding to work, and i was stopped
at a traffic light waiting to make a left turn. I tried an old
trick to trip the sensor, by touching the sidestand down
above the wire loop. So:

1. Put transmission in neutral
2. drop sidestand down to pavement, then pull it up again
3. Shift into first

Immediately upon shifting into first, the engine dies.

Back into neutral, restart engine, all is good. Shift into
first, and the engine dies again.

After this i tried various things - extending sidestand and
putting it back. Shut off the ignition completely. No matter
what i did, the bike would start in neutral, but die as soon as
I shifted into gear. I ended up pushing it a few blocks home.

my sidestand switch got melted and is jerry rigged right now to work. i dont know how the override would work as i managed to get mine working but from what i remember its 3 wires that are running down to the sidestand so play around with those wires to make it work.

you can also fabricate yourself a killswitch for the bike that way

Just got a chance to look at it this morning,
and it turns out that the circlip that holds the
switch on the sidestand post went missing,
allowing the sidestand switch to ride up the
post to the point where the little pin that
senses the movement of the sidestand had
come out of the corresponding hole in the

There is only a very faint groove in the
sidestand post to hold the circlip, which
may explain why it's missing on a bike
with only 3700 miles on the odo.

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