Light Bar

Desertwolf 3/3/09

I wanted a light bar for some auxiliary lights but didn’t want to shell out the $$$ they want for them so I decided to make my own. I took a piece of electrical conduit pipe, cut it at 22” and painted it black (I have since cut it shorter). I removed the top bolt right below the radiator and purchased a longer one, some rubber washers , a couple of eye bolts, nylon nuts and bar end caps. I reinstalled the longer bold, put rubber washers against the frame (stop it from scratching and keep it in place) then the eye bolts and washer. I drilled two holes for the eye bolts to pass through the pipe, put a piece of rubber between the pipe and frame and tightened everything down. I put black cap ends in the end of the bars for a more finished look. I used nuts with nylon inserts on the front of the bar so they don’t vibrate off. I then mounted the lights and wired everything up. All in all with the pipe and lights I already had I think it was about $8.00 in nuts, bolts, etc.

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