Led Brake Tail

The best LED Taillight out for the F650cs/R1100s


Homebody-design aka Gizmo Mill has redesigned the LED tail light replacement.
At this time (April 2008) it looks like the manufacturer has gone Belly Up. You will have a hard time finding the Brake! LED Taillight.
The part number is BK0101 and the price is around 120$ for the light.
Update (May 2009) Gizmo Mill is now Road Rocketeer


Installation is super easy:

Remove the taillight lens with a Philips screwdriver.
Remove the old bulb.
IF you have ABS: flip the pins into the ABS position
Insert the "bulb" into the connector on the bike and lay the LED cluster into the reflector.
Test the light by turning the ignition on and hitting the rear brake.
The light should light up.
You can set the light to flashing mode by flipping certain pins as well.

Correctly insert the light into the reflector and put the lens back on!
Thats it!

There are two videos halfway down the page

Make sure that you are checking the wiring that leads to the taillight so it doesnt break due to vibration like mine did:


One person suggested to use clear sillicon sealant around the wiring to increase the support and minimize the vibrations that would break the wiring. Either way since GizmoMill went out of business our lifetime warranty is useless.

Red LED Strip Taillight Option - Desertwolf 3/3/09

I purchased a LED adhesive flexible strip light for around $14 at Wal-mart. I played around with it in several locations before I finally decided where I liked it and stuck it. I wired it into the tail light wires. I debated if I should hook it into the taillights or the brake light but finally decided the taillight for the most visibility. I like it very much, adds a ton of visibility and is different.

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