Krauser K-Wing Installation


Here are some pictures and prose on the installation of the Krauser K-Wing luggage system on my 2002 BMW F650CS.
TopRack - 148.29 (92 US)
Sideracks - 211.15 (131 US)
K4 Case x2 - 531.91 (330 US)
K5 Case x1 - 274.02 (170 US)
Shipping: 59.64 (37 US)
Duties & Taxes: 375 (230 US)
Total: ~ 1600 (or ~ 1000 US)
Savings: A local shop wanted 1500 + taxes (15%) or 1725 for the whole shootin match. So I saved just over 100 by doing it this way.
Note: I was overcharged on duty by about 100. The shipment came in 2 boxes, but each box was declared for the full amount instead of each box's true amount. Papers have been filed for the refund.

Step 1: Remove iMac back rack via 4 screws. It's not needed for this install
Step 2: Remove left and right screws just in front of turn signals.
Step 3: Attach main brace bar to the black horseshoe bracket through where you took off the iMac rack. (Pic 3)
Step 4: Use the extensions to attach the arms of the brace bar to the bike just in front of the turn signals. (Pic 2)
Step 5: Attach the K-Wing adapter to the horseshoe bracket.
Step 6: Tighten everything down. (Pic 1)
Step 7: Attach luggage to K-Wing adapter

It should take about 45 minutes to an hour to accomplish this.

Step 1: It pains me to have to say this, but you're going to have to detach both turn signals in the rear and then cut them off. Make sure to leave enough wire (3-4 inches if possible) to reattach them later.
Repeat the following for each side:
Step 2: Remove the second screw back from the turn signal (Pic 3).
Step 3: Remove the cauder pin at the base of the passenger foot rest pivot. Then pop out the bolt (Pic 2).
Step 4: Remove the posterior-most screw that holds the silver top rack frame to the bike (Pic 4).
Step 5: Carefully place the Krauser frame in position and mount the screws (loosely) in the following order:
Foot peg
Top rack (with extension)
Fender side (with extension)
Step 6: With both sides installed, you must now remove your license plate and then remove the screw that connects the license plate holder to the rest of the fender.
Step 7: Pull up on the license plate frame to create some separation between the fender and the frame and slide the cross brace up between them.
Step 8: Attach each side of the cross brace to the already installed side brackets.
Step 9: Tighten everything down.
Step 10: Re-attach your turn signals with the provided wires. The crimps provided are not all that great. I used crimps that I had from another job and then taped everything down (Pic 1).
It should take you a good 2 hours to complete everything for this installation.

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