Integrated Garage Door Opener

The idea came from this website

there is some dead space behind the cluster:


so here we go:


remove the screws holding the windshield on


remove the three DIFFERENT sized bolts that hold the cluster brezel on


then remove the 4 screws that are holding the silver cover and flip the cover upward


find a position for the switch. be advised that there is NOT MUCH room to play with since there is a cross member that will be on the bottom of the silver cover so position your switch up some or the silver cover wont fit anymore!!!! I am using the switch that is mentioned in the writeup. However I had the switch installed and had to do repairs today and decided to write this writeup. My original switch from the shack had me failed once already and was replaced under warranty.


here is the soldering job on the remote itself. I got power from my fog lights which get power from the city light (the single 5W front bulb) also an in line fuse is MUST on every after market wiring job that gets done on anything!


and thats how everything is put back together. the remove is hanging freely from its own clip and has not been sealed this time. my original remote failed me after i had it water sealed as well as the original push button switch from radio shack..

put everything back together and enjoy a built in garage door opener that runs off the 12V system.

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