Instrument Cluster Bulbs

11 bulbs total for instrument cluster
#74 bulbs 12V 1.2w
GE 12V 37 37/BP2

To replace instrument cluster lights:
Remove windscreen ( 4 screws ).


Remove the 3 torx screws holding the cluster trim on


Remove instrument surround ( 4 screws ) (silver-grey plastic over top of instruments) comes off toward rear of bike.


My spare assortment of automotive cluster bulbs with twist bases. Bulbs come out of the twist base


Remove 3 jesus clips holding instrument support posts in. (Make sure you don't drop these into the body panels … don't ask)


Now you should be able to slide instrument panel out enough (towards back of bike) to get at rubber grommets of light(s) you want to change (shouldn't need to disconnect wiring harness plug since you're not pulling the instrument panel out of the bike).


The 74 bulb by itself, its tiny.


74 bulb in comparison with a 194 bulb


Looking at the instrument panel from the back, the high beam indicator light is the topmost one to the left of center (right of top center post and left of screw).

Pull out the rubber grommet of the light you want to change and the light will be in it.

Instrument panel warning and illumination bulbs all appear to be same type bulb listed in Repair Manual Technical Data as W 5/1.2 - 12 V 1.2W

After swapping out lights you can verify it lights before plugging everything back (turn off before plugging everything back)

Installation is the reverse of removal.

You can also replace the current bulbs with LED bulbs.
The procedure is exactly the same as stated above. You can't replace the turn signal bulbs with LEDs because they don't have the right resistence, but you can replace the rest of them. I used 1 yellow (fuel), 1 green (neutral), 3 red (oil, ABS, temp), and 5 blue (hi beam, 4 general) In the end, it looks like this:

… insert better pics here …
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