Headlight Removal

check your wiring even with standard bulbs!

If you have to remove your headlight for any reason this will be the writeup for it:


Remove the three small torx head screws for the cluster cover


Now remove the 4 screws on the lower part of the front cover. There are two on the front and two on the side. Remove the cover.


Now remove the headlight bezel screws which are two philips screws on the top and 2 clips on the bottom. The bottom two clips are very difficult to get going. They will need to be pushed upward.


The picture shows the headlight bezel already removed


There are 4 torx head bolts that are holding the headlight onto the frame. remove the lower ones and then the upper ones last.


Remove the headlight connectors and examine them for damage from heat exposure. It is a BAD idea to get bulbs with higher wattage!!! These pictures show the heat damage from only using standard bulbs to higher wattage bulbs will most likely give you even more problems and damage to the wiring harness.
Low beam bulb is a H3 55W bulb


High beam runs a H1 55W bulb


The last 2 pictures show the heat exposure that I had been talking about.


How the bike will look without a headlight

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