fuel injector cleaning

I had been dealing with some problems and decided to pull out the injector in order to see if my injector was clogged in any way or not firing correctly.

follow the tupperware removal link first

What you need:

  • 9V battery
  • alligator clips
  • spade connectors
  • carb cleaner
  • brake fluid cleaner for removal of carb cleaner from plastics
  • safety glasses

Here we go

  • Now remove the metal cage around the airfilter - 4 screws
  • unscrew the fuel filter from the cage
  • twist the fuse box out of its cage
  • pull up on the metal cage
  • unclip the snorkel from the front frame
  • slightly pull up on the airbox and slowly lift it
  • untwist the rubber hose in the area of the fuse box from the air box
  • unclipp the air sensor connector
  • air box is now free

The fuel injector is connected via 2 bolts to the throttle body
remove those two bolts taking care not to loose the washers

unscrew the hoseclip from the fuel filter going to the injector
wiggle the injector slowly out AND THEN disconnect the fuel hose
this way you wont risk tearing your intake boot

look at the injector and you will see a sliding black clip, remove slowly
pull injector away from black connecting piece
remove the rubber ring before using any cleaner on the injectors and replace as needed


injector removedIMG_2555.jpg
my test setupIMG_2565.jpg
the injector has 4 nozzles that need to be clean and clearIMG_2566.jpgIMG_2556.jpg

I did cut up two spade connectors and made them fit the connectors from the injector, the red plastic is to make sure no contact is made between both


connect the clips to the 9V battery; you should hear and feel a clicking from the injector which is a good sign. Also moving the connectors you should hear frequent clicking.


remove the caps from your carb cleaner bottle and while having the battery connected have the spray can empty itself into the injector

You should be able to see a nice spray pattern of the 4 jets that were at the bottom of the injector, do the thing from both sides to make sure any dirt gets clogged loose or removed.
For perfect results let the injector sit overnight soaked inside a small container with the appropriate cleaner and then do the procedure the next morning.

My injector were spraying clean and precise and evenly as far as I could tell.

good luck!

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