Front Brake Pad Change

Changing the front brake pads is pretty straight forward. I did not take any pictures and someone else would have to provide these at some point:

Park the bike

Spray brake parts cleaner around the caliper to clean off any dust and make a clean work environment

There is a pin on the lower part of the caliper that holds a rod inside the caliper which in return holds the brake pads securely inside the caliper. Get a set of pliers and pull that one out. Get a scratch owl or other very thin needle like rod and push the rod out towards the clutch side of the bike. It might be tight so a little force can be required. Once the pin is out you are good.

Get a size 8 hex and remove the two silver hex heads which hold the caliper to the fork, once the hex screws are removed slightly wiggle the caliper and remove it towards the rear of the bike.

Slightly support the caliper by hanging it from a bend metal coat hanger or placing it onto a tall bucket. Do NOT leave it just hanging in the air.
Spray brake parts cleaner on the inside of the caliper to remove any old brake dust, inspect the rubber piston boots for any tears. Now push the piston back into the caliper. Watch your brake fluid in the master cylinder as the level could raise causing fluid to leak out.
You should be able to push the piston back with your hands but might need to use the old pad and pliers to do so.

The brake pads can now be removed unless they have fallen out already. There are 3 grooves in the new/old pads which serve as wear indicators. Once the grooves are gone its time to replace the pads.

Use some caliper grease and place some onto the back of the inner pad which will go towards the piston. Also coat the piston with caliper grease which will hopefully reduce any squeaking that you often have with brakes.

Insert the other pad with its back lightly coated with caliper grease. Also grease up the safety pin slightly as it will go into that caliper assembly easier that way.

With the pads in the caliper insert the safety pin to hold the pads in position, don't forget to insert that safety clip into the safety pin as well.

For safety reasons spray the rotor and the pads with brake parts cleaner to make sure that there is no grease or oil on the surface as this will greatly reduce brake efficiency.

Now slide the caliper back onto the rotor and screw in the hex bolts. They are getting tightened down to 42lbs.

Once the caliper is tightened down, squeeze the front brake lever several times. It will be loose since the we pushed the caliper piston back into its original position, by squeezing the lever we are advancing the piston so it makes contact with the pads and settles itself into the position.

Check your front master cylinder brake fluid and remove or add as needed. Its a good idea to bleed the brakes as well.

Here is a video done by flash which will give you the procedure typed out above:
Brake pad installation video

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