The stock exhaust on the Scarver consists of 2 parts:
The header pipe with 02 sensor
The muffler which also contains the catalytic converter
OD of the header pipe is 42mm

The stock exhaust also suffers from massive discoloration around the back welds and the inside of the muffler going towards the wheel. This is typical for all bikes exposed to winter weather.

At the end of my exhaust (muffler) just below the back heat guard the exhaust is coloring up, you know how they get that gold color. Well I am also getting some kind of dark brown coloration that doesn't look so good. It runs down the back of the back weld for about 2 inches and is about 1/8 inch wide. Also in front of the weld below the heat guard their is an area about 4 X 4 inches where this same brown stuff is spottily (I may have made that word up) discoloring pipe. It looks like something on the exhaust but I have tried cleaning and chrome polish with no success. It doesn't appear that the finish is coming off.

You can get some of the exhaust cleanliness back by using WD40 and some kitchen scrubbing pads. Spray the WD40 onto the sponge and start rubbing onto the header pipes which you will also have sprayed with WD40. A LOT OF ELBOW GREASE is required for this method but it works in terms of cleaning the exhaust back up making it looking like new again.

You can also go the other route and have the exhaust coated in chrome or any other color like this fellow did:


If you would like to get a different exhaust there are several different aftermarket options available:


The StayTune exhaust


Here are three different sound files for the Remus exhaust system:
File 1 File 2 File 3

Here is a Remus exhaust drive by


The Australian SuperTrapp exhaust with removable baffles


The Adventure Pipe with videos on youtube:

Regular take off with the adventure pipe

Agressive take off with the adventure pipe

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