Diy Heated Jacket

Finally finished my heated jacket. I started by using my Cor-tech Jacket liner and cut a 6in hole in the bottom inside near the left front. I pulled the jacket inside out then proceeded to lay out the wire and Use Iron on Adhesive to hold it in place.


Once I had all the small adhesive patches in place I pulled off the paper backing one at a time, and used an old t-shirt cut in similarly sized squares and Ironed them in place to hold the wire securely.


Once I had all the squares covered I soldered the SAE connection wires and covered them with shrink tubing so It does not short out. Sew the connecting wires into the liner so the wire is very secure. I also added a zip tie where the wires come out of the jacket and sewed that securely to the jacket.


Then I finished the jacket by sewing the hole that I had cut closed. I also used an OHM meter to check to make sure there is a continuous connection. It Ohmed out to 4.1 ohms. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

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