Cs Torx Wrenches Described

Torx Bits for the CS

On a related topic, does anyone have a list of the necessary torx bit sizes that are required? There is mention in the FAQs for the GS with Craftsman part numbers:

  1. Torx T25 41476
  2. Torx T30 41477
  3. Torx T40 42665
  4. Torx T45 42666

but there is also mention of a T35 (apparently hard to find). Does anyone know what is required for the CS? Also, there are the security torx bits, what size is that?


The T35 is used for the oil drain plug in the frame, although others reckon they can use the T30 or even the T40.

Security bits have an axial hole in them to fit the bolts heads with a nub or raised pin inside the Torx profile. They can be used for non-security screws, but non-security bits will not fit a security headed screw.

The T35 size seems to be easier to find in a security bit than a non-security bit; I have both sets and the security set has the T35 while the non-security does not.

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