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This F650cs Scarver FAQ was the idea of Ashwin who goes by xxaarraa on the Discussion Boards. After reading attempts by bsk to have items added to the Scarver FAQ on the Discussion Boards he just emailed Stephan who goes by bsk on the discussion boards and recruited him to help out with the FAQ.

We are trying to make this FAQ the ULTIMATE resource for all Scarver owners all over the world. The board is very diverse by having users from Germany, Africa, Australia, Turkey, India, Greece, Netherlands, France, America….. (the list keeps growing and going). All these users contribute to the board as well as this FAQ with their knowledge.

This is a wiki so EVERYONE should be contributing if they have new articles or any ideas!
Please contact us at moc.liamg|GBB056F#moc.liamg|GBB056F or just post on the BlackBelt Section on

If they are any issues or copyright problems with the pictures that appear on this website please email us as well, we are trying to give everyone the proper respect!

We would also like to thank all members that have contributed to the FAQ by allowing us to use their bikes for photo shoots or even allowing us to tear them apart for certain write ups that are featured on this site.

Special Thanks also go out to DailyRider for contributing an unlimited amount of knowledge from his motorcycle mechanic days by posting his homemade tools or just adding some very constructive information to many posts!
Another HUGE thanks to Tomasz Klimek for designing the F650cs FAQ's logo. Thanks Tomasz!

The F650cs FAQ Crew

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