In case you broke your charcoal canister, lost it on the twisties,
shot it with your 22 or anything else that could happen to them; here is you write-up to get rid of it.

You will need your torx socket set, knife, flashlight and standard tools!
Remove your seat!


while trying to remove the smaller hose that runs to the carburetor I actually broke it off the canister


The big hose disconnected and pulled back which is the gas tank vent hose


with both hoses removed from the canister, its time to drop that sucker! Use you torx set and remove the two lower bolts that are holding the sprocket cover underneath the oil filter housing. As you do the canister should drop!


another view from the canister, it already had lost the small drain hose


the gas tank vent hose will normally be here unless you had pulled it out like i did already


route the gas tank vent hose back through that same spot, its the brownish looking one in this picture.


if you stand directly above the bike and look down you can see a "void" space, route the hose down and let it hang


clip the hose into the connector next to the smaller hose and cut the thing to same length with a knife


next comes the small hose that is connected to the carburetor and a vacuum activated solenoid. you could either leave the hose in its location and cap it off by screwing a drywall screw into the hose or using a zip tie and folding the hose over and zipping it together to seal it off.


to show you the length of the hose and to shortened it this picture was taken. i cut the hose maybe 4 inches from the swivel connector and capped it off

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