Napoleon Bar End Mirrors

Napoleon Bar End Mirrors - Desertwolf 3/1/09

I was looking for an alternative to the stock mirrors and found on the forum the recommendation for the Napoleon bar end mirrors. I paid $31.95 each or about $70.00 with shipping. They are listed as left and right, but they are universal so it doesn't really matter. I love them. I like the nice clean line of site they give. After I ordered them I found out my local "Ride Now" dealer had them for $28.00 each with no shipping so if you are interested in going this way you might want to check your local shop and save some shipping. You do have to modify them slightly to make them fit (remove the tab as in the picture below) so you won't be able to return them. You will also need to go to your local hardware store and purchase longer bolts to attach them (the stock bar weight bolts are not long enough). The one down side, if there is one, is how I have mine kicked in (it's the look I like) they don't leave a lot of clearance for gloves with high knuckle armor. You can adjust them into 3 or 4 positions where they lock to your liking.

Stock Mirror with tab:

Tab removed with saw:


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