Airfilter Change

In order to change or inspect the airfilter on the bike a lot of work has to be done. One issue that plaques a lot of owners is the soaking of the stock paper element air filter with oil, despite having an oil level that is correct.

Follow the writeup for the tupperware removal but only take off the L panel. The air filter sites behind a snorkel that is attached to the stuffbay box with 2 torx screws.

The bike should look like this on the Left side now:


The snorkel is hinged at the bottom as shown here:


Remove the 2 torx bolts that are on the top of the snorkel:


Unclip the snorkel from the frame:


Remove the snorkel:


The pictures shows an airfilter was soaked extremely in oil and was also sucked into the airbox due to the resistance.

If your airbox is soaked in oil its not a good idea to just install a new filter so its a good idea to clean out your airbox first.
Otherwise install a new airfilter:


Also take a sharpie and write the mileage of the bike onto the filter that will show when the filter was installed:


Put everything back together in the reverse order.
Also while having the Left tupperware off; service your battery as well!

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