Airbox Cleaning

You will have to clean out your airbox if you have overfilled the bike with oil!

Periodically drain the fluids with the attached air box drain plug and hose:
Look up from under the right side of the bike, behind the radiator. See the cooling fan motor and go just behind and down an inch. There is a rubber cap, like a vacuum port cap, with a spring clamp on it. It is about a half inch diameter. That's the spot. The manual says you have to remove the side cover, but you might be able to squeeze in there without doing that.

For a full cleaning follow these instructions:

Oil will be collecting inside the airbox and soaking up your airfilter as well as leak out from the top of the engine which will look like you valve cover is leaking.

In order to remove the airbox you have to remove the tupperware Once you have removed all the tupperware the steel cage that holds the airfilter assembly on the bike will have to come off. If you havent noticed yet: the stuff bay is the top of the air filter box!

There are 4 torx bolts holding the steel cage in place, you also have to remove the fuel filter and twist the fuse box 90 degrees to get it out from the steel cage.

Remove the cage and unclip the snorkel from the front frames attachment point. Now slowly pull up on the air box. It will come up, watch out for the all the hoses and the MAF which sits in the middle of the airbox. Pull the MAF out by twisting a pin on it. The airbox should be free now. Take the snorkel off and airfilter out. Clean everything on the inside with compressed air or brake cleaner or simple green.

Dry everything off and install a new filter (if needed) and the snorkel. Its also a good idea to mark the date and mileage on the filter that you install for later reference!
Get some MAF (electrical cleaner) from autozone and spray the MAF clean for better response to the air that it collects.

Reinstall everything in the reverse order!

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