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Marsee 3305 19L Pocket Rocket Tankbag on the F650cs

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 6:29 am by BSK

Tank bag is a nearly perfect fit, it gets a little tight towards the seat but will fit perfectly into the stuff bay and is expanded even better than the stock BMW stuff bay bag.

Got mine extremely cheap for 50$ brand new including the magnetic mounting base that is normally extra. Included with the bag was a cheap wallet (feels cheap) and two straps for carrying and securing the bag to the bike. I was trying to get the 21L version but this one will do fine most likely, so if you need a replacement take a look at this one. It had taken 8 months to find a bag for the bike so good luck!


Stuff Bay Rail Removal

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 6:50 am by gothmon

Those bags look really nice…something to think about …but the longest trek I'll be making in the near future is a one-hour overnight trip to San Diego, and there's plenty of room in the hubby's city bags…that having been said, I contemplated a more streamlined look, soooo….

In its original state (in the dark ugly garage):


Yes, it's quite functional, but let's face it, the bag supplied by Der Korporation is fugly, and I travel light anyway, so I invested in the Stuff Bay Cover:


Better, but there's still too much going on with the rails, so off they came, to be replaced with the Rail Removal Kit (in the bright, beautiful, newly remodeled garage…uhm, family room):


A close-up of same, just cause I think it looks cool:


The RR Kit was, I thought, a tad pricey at first…$49.95 for four pieces of plastic and four bolts? Those covers turned out to be metal…aluminum probably, as they're very lightweight…and while it still cost a bit more than I would have liked to spend (about $60 after tax and shipping) the effect was more than I hoped for. I can always put the rails back on if I really need to, but, for now, this eliminates the "what are the handrails for?" question.

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 9:10 am by gothmon

The cover does lock…I had mine set so I can use my ignition key…but I'm sure if someone really wanted to get into it, they could…they wouldn't get much though…all I carry is my registration and insurance card, and a bottle of water, and lipstick (hey, I'm a GIRL lol) and the rest goes into the pockets in my jacket…. it isn't watertight either…gonna have to figure something out next winter.

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 9:47 pm by gothmon

I first saw the tank cover at BMW of Santa Cruz, and, of course, there was the ubiquitous "You might also like…." showing the tank cover with the RR kit installed(sold separately, of course.) I didn't research to see if anyone sold them together…I ended up getting the tank cover through my dealership (saved shipping cost) and the RR set from Santa Cruz a couple of weeks later.

The cover can be painted, but it was a close enough match to my silver that I haven't even thought about it…the stock finish is a light-grey matte.

I was trying to get away from the tankbag altogether, and there really isn't enough room on top of the cover for one, and since all my riding consists of short trips (I'm lucky enough to be 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and 20-30 minutes from any one of a number of canyons, so what most of you would call "touring" we call a "quick cruise," and we're back home within a couple of hours.) I do have a very small black backpack that I strap to the rack behind me…works for a quick trip to the store.

I did find a small gouge under one of the rails that will require painting, eventually, (I know I didn't put it there…it was a loner bike in its previous life) and a few smaller scratches that I was able to rub out with Novus #2.

I'd like to see what your tank bag looks like Jester…anything's gotta be better than the aforementioned fugly thing…I did a search on Marsee bags, but what I found seems to be a lot bulkier than I need right now.

Hmmm…a locking toilet seat cover…what a brilliant concept…perhaps I should throw that into the "Stuffbay…what do you keep in there?" thread…just for "sh*ts and grins" of course…

Luggage — Tank Bag

Oxford Humpback Detachable Base Modification to fit the F650CS

I chose a tank bag that would sit on top of the stuff bay cover and anchored to the grab rails. The tank bag comes in two parts: the bag and detachable base. The bag does not fit in the stuff bay but the detachable base almost sits perfectly on the stuff bay cover. The base does not sit perfectly between the widths of the grab rails closest to the rider (that does not create any problems mounting the tank bag to the base). The base has a small bungee cord and pocket sealed with Velcro.


The bottom left and right corners, mid and top retaining straps were modified to fit the base to the bike. The top of the base has a round tab attached to each corner. I removed the same tabs attached to the bottom corners of the base by pulling out the stitching.


I bought a length of webbing and Velcro from a fabric store to make loops for each bottom corner. I cut the 1 ½ inch wide webbing into 13 inch lengths (could be shortened by 1 inch). I cut the Velcro strips 3 inches long and sewn them on opposite sides of each end so when you bring the ends together, the Velcro strips will mate with each other.

After I slid the straps through the existing anchors in each corner of the base, I mounted the base to the bike through the slits in the grab rails. I marked how much I wanted to shorten the center strap. You can shorten it to whatever length you desire. I melted the ends of the webbing to stop it from unraveling and re-sewn the Velcro back in to place.


I wanted to secure the front of the base to the bike. The strap and buckle I cannibalized from the tank bag (the tank bag doubles as a backpack, the strap and buckle was the waist strap). I sewed the strap and buckle roughly 45° on the round tabs.


I strapped the base back onto the bike and wrapped the forward strap around the steering head. I then figured out how much slack in the strap I wanted to cut away and then melted the end to prevent fraying. I made sure the strap does not conflict with any parts of the bike.


The tank bag (28L) is expandable with plastic stiffeners for the forward, L/H and R/H sides of the bag. It can accommodate a full-face helmet. The pouch at the head of the bag contains the rain cover. The bag is lined with waterproof material, rain zippers for the map and main flap, but the outer and forward pockets don’t have water resistant zippers – so I use the cover when needed. The back of the bag has a small vent. The advantage of finding a tank bag that can fit in the stuff bay is that you’ll see your instruments much better than with the Humpback fully expanded, sitting on the stuff bay cover.


The Oxford Humpback tank bag / tail bag is expensive. I paid $99 Cdn. I like the expandability and the sturdy material used to manufacture the bag. Lifetime luggage warranty (always read the small print). I’m happy with my setup; tools in the stuff bay, lunch bag, small water bottle and a long sleeved fleece shirt in the collapsed tank bag configuration.


Update Dec 2008: At the end of my tank bag's first riding season, a weakness in the design was found. I ride my bike to work everyday so the bag goes on and comes off a couple times a day. I noticed the zipper teeth on the rear, right corner of the base was starting to detach itself from the material. I stand on the left side of the bike to attach the bag to the base, but I have to reach around the rear of the bag to completely zipper it to the base, which leads to the teeth getting pulled out of the material by the zipper. I have discovered the only way to prevent the zipper teeth from self-destructing would be to stand on the right side of the bike and gently pull the zipper around the rear, right corner, visually checking to make sure the teeth are in alignment. I use my fingers to guide the teeth entering the zipper. I'll be taking the worn out base back to the store for a replacement and then modify the replacement for my bike. Other than that, I really enjoy using the Humpback tank bag and would recommend it to any other rider. 2dogs1cat

Update Spring 2009 Replaced the base and after the material stretched a bit after some use, attaching the tank bag to the new zippered base was much easier than before. Very happy that I didn't have to find a replacement tank bag.

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